The 5 Best Electronic Drum Amps Review

Having a great electronic drum without an efficient amplifier is barely enough. You’ll require an amplifier that will complement your drumming kit in terms of great sound production among other things. Any drumming professional will tell you that there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing yourself playing loud and clear. Forget about the guitar amps, they have poor sound quality because they’ve been made for, as we said, the guitar. You require an amp with electronic drum speakers that are designed for exactly this function, drumming.

A good amp will let you enjoy drumming in a completely whole new level. It’ll let you feel like a pro, at the same time broadening your drumming skill. But electronic drum monitor amps come in a wide variety of features, designs, and performance levels. These are, of course, some of the biggest determinants of pricing. Some of the best e-drum amp options come with features such as the option to connect to a percussion pad, hook up your MP3 or CD player, and play along to your favorite jams. Oh, what about an amplifier that is equipped with anti-feedback technology? We’ll get to this shortly. But better still, you just bought an Alesis Dm6 or another great electronic drum set, and you need to amplify it?

Well, given the numerous options out there, choosing the best drum amp can be a daunting quest. And we know how frustrating it can get out there on the market. That aside; we understand how much time and effort conducting research can cost. This is the main reason for this review on the top 5 best electronic drum amps. But before getting into the flesh and bone, let’s look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing an e-drum amp.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Good Drum Amp

When it comes to selecting the best amp for electronic drums, it’s important to consider the following factors.

Quality: Quality is, no doubt one of the most important things to consider when buying anything. You obviously don’t want to take home an amp that will sound lame and make you look like an amateur on stage in case you intend to use it for stage performances. You want something that will sound great and stand the test of time, which brings us to the next important factor to consider.

Durability: It’s important that the amplifier you decide to buy be made to stand the test of time. In most cases, solid state amps are considered some of the most durable units. Durability is determined by how the amp is built, the material used, how well the corners are protected, and its ability to handle the load.

Versatility: This should be in terms of how well the amp allows you to manipulate or enhance the sound. It can also be on the basis of how many other instruments you are able to hook up on the amplifier. A good drum amp is a versatile unit that provides room for easy sound manipulation to the drummer’s preference. It is also a unit that allows connection with a wide range of instruments, music players, and other devices.

Affordability: More often than not, solid state amps tend to be more affordable than the vacuum tubes. This is because you don’t have to install a complex tube on them. They are also inexpensive to manufacture, one of the reasons why they are so affordable.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the various essential factors to have in mind when choosing an amp for your drumming kit, below is our 5 best electronic drum amps reviews you may find helpful.

1. Powerwerks PW50 RMS Personal PA System 50W

Don’t judge a book, well you know the saying. It also applies to this small yet powerful amp that boasts 50 watts of power.  PowerWerks PW50 RMS Personal PA System 50W has a great sound quality with a high volume frequency. With this amp, you’ll also be able to eliminate residual noises because of its high-frequency drivers that allow you to balance both high and midrange sounds. This amp is very portable because its lightweight weighing only 14 lb. when it comes to durability, the corners are well protected with metal protectors. The electronic drum speakers are well guarded by a grill of heavy-duty steel.

Powerwerks PW50 RMS Personal PA System 50WKey Features

PowerWerks PW50 RMS Personal PA System 50W has a 3 channel mixer for that crisp and clear sound. The settings allow you to adjust between different sound frequencies, between deep low and high pitches. When it comes to privacy, you have the option to hook up your headphones just in case the neighbors get angry with you. You can also connect your favorite music in the same 1/8 mini input. This amplifier also comes with twin 4.5-inch drivers with high-quality frequency horn.

Amazon Price – $99.99 is the current market price


  • You can link multiple units
  • An MP3/CD input plus headphone jack
  • Light and portable
  • Very affordable


  • Tends to produce crackling sounds at high volume use according to customer feedback

The PowerWerks PW50 RMS Personal PA System 50W is easy to connect and the functions are also easy to master. It also has awesome adjustments that are easy to use. For you home drumming, it’s one of the best options to use as a single unit. The fact that it isn’t so powerful also makes it a great performer for indoor drumming.


2. Behringer Ultratone KT108

Behringer Ultratone KT108This one is another great electronic drum amplifier for home or studio use. Behringer Ultratone KT108 20WE has a clear and crisp sound quality alongside boasting 20 watts of power. This amplifier features dual cone speakers that produce a vintage kind of a sound. All the electrical parts of this amplifier are well protected in a metallic enclosure.

Key Features

The KT1O8 electronic drum amp comes with a 3-band equalizer that allows for easy sound adjustment. It is a 2-channel amplifier with separate volume controls, making it one of the most versatile options available. This allows you to hook up two different musical instruments and play them simultaneously. You can also play along to your favorite music from the CD input option. Apart from this, you have a jack input for your headphones in those days when you just feel like playing quietly. This Behringer Ultratone amp also has a Virtual Tube Circuitry feature that gives out that unique tube-like sound. This is what sets it apart from most other competitors on the market. In terms of design and build, the cabinet is made of wood, making it lightweight and easy to carry. It only weighs about 10 lb, which means that you can easily take it to the studio, to live performance venues and back home with no much sweat.

Amazon Price – $89.99 is the current market price


  • Has two separate channels
  • Has a headphone and CD input options
  • Very light and portable
  • Quite affordable


  • The power wattage is not enough for a large venue

This amplifier is extremely versatile, thanks to the 2 channel keyboard amplifier, as well as the fact that you can play most of your instruments with this amplifier. Also, the fact that it is a light amplifier makes it easier to carry to your gigs. It is one of the best options for the money, great for on-the-go usage too.

3. Alesis TRANSACTIVE 400

If a power amplifier is what you’re looking for, nothing beats the Alesis TRANSACTIVE 400 electronic drum amp. This drum amp boasts a good 200 watts of consistent power that will climax to 400 watts, which is perhaps the main reason behind the 400 in its name. The sound from this Alesis amp is clear and of good quality. You have a wide range of audio to choose from ranging from heavy bass to brighter tones. This is made possible by the set of tone control that is included in the kit.


Key Features

This drum amp from Alesis comes with a set of basic stereo input and another set of stereo output that are both a quarter inch. Apart from this, it also has another stereo link output that is assigned with a right or left stereo selector that is also quarter inch. Its 200W power that can max to 400W is one of the most significant features, which makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. The amplifier has an angled baffle and bass porting that is key in providing an excellent quality sound projection. The Alesis TRANSACTIVE 400 is also unique in that it is capable of handling high transients from your electronic drums. It also comes with a safety and warranty manual, a user guide and a power cable.


  • Fairly Affordable
  • Produces clear and realistic sound
  • You can hook up other amps with it


  • It is large and a bit heavy (47.6 pounds)

Even though it may not be the least expensive amp on the list, this electronic drum amplifier by far justifies its price for a number of reasons. The amp is packed up with quite some load of power, something that most of its competitors aren’t good at. It is also ideal for both internal and external uses, especially since it comes with impressive adjustability features and sound outputs. It can be an amazing drumming amp to go for, especially if you’re going to be performing in large venues. If this is you, you’ll sure enjoy the bass options featured in this unit.


4. dDrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amp 50W

The dDrum 50W Percussion Amp is one ideal amplifier for use both onstage and as a practice electronic drumming speaker. It is an efficient amplifier that is well known by drumming professionals to produce crisp clean sound. dDrum DDA50 50W Electronic Percussion Amp is high priced but it’s still affordable. It has an attractive design that allows for great sound projection.

Key Features

The ddrum Electronic Percussion Amp is a 50 watts amplifier that comes with a 10-inch subwoofer and a 2.5-inch tweeter. It also features a 3-band equalizer that allows for easy adjustment of audio parameters. This amplifier also features several 0.75-inch inputs, a headphone jack, a 10-inch driver, and an XLR line out option. Apart from this, it has an MP3 input for when you want to play along to your favorite songs or just listen to your cool music from an MP3 or midi player device.

Amazon Price – $239.00


  • It allows you to experiment with so many other options
  • Great sound at low volumes
  • You can play at any time of the day or night quietly, without worrying about the noise, thanks to the directional orientated speakers


  • Lacks microphone support
  • Not the lightest option around
  • Can be a bit pricey

Just like the many other alternative amps, this amp will perform just great as long as you don’t overload it. However, this amp can disappoint you when you need something that you can use with microphones. Nonetheless, it is fairly powerful, performs great and can be ideal for use at home at night. It’s amazing versatility, fair sound power, and great performance well justify the fairly higher price compared to some of its competitors on the market.

  1. KAT Percussion KA2

Compared to most other drumming amps, the KAT KA2 is highly likely the best in terms of durability. It is also highly portable, thanks to the large carry handle it comes with. Drumming professionals consider it to be one of the best units for use on-stage, thanks to its amazing power and sound quality.

Image URL:

Amazon Price – Currently goes for $341.99 online.

Key Features

The amp boasts a powerful 200W/Ohms sound power with x 1 e-drumming amplification and a frequency response of 20-20Khz. The KAT Percussion KA2 also features a 3-band equalizer for great sound shaping and balancing. Professional drummers like this for the “presence attack control” it comes with. It also features a 12-inch woofer and a 1”x1” compression driver. When it comes to the connections, this amp features two 0.25-inch jack inputs for the drums as well as a 0.125-inch input jack for connecting your digital devices and MP3 players.


  • Great sound quality and loudness
  • Great for the lows and the highs
  • Deep resonance with cymbals
  • sturdily built for durability


  • One of the heaviest amps on the list (44.25 lbs)

Even though this amplifier may not be the least expensive, professionals consider it fairly priced considering the quality of sound and a great deal of other features it boasts for. Furthermore, it is also ideal for onstage performance, even for larger venues, thanks to its power, loudness, and sound quality.


Final Verdict

As you can clearly see, the five amplifiers have been arrayed depending on the price, size, and use. When on a really tight budget, the Behringer Ultratone KT108 can be the best option for you. For just $10 more or so, though, you can get a slightly more powerful unit, the 50W Powerwerks Personal PA. if you’re on the market for something more powerful, versatile, and more convenient in terms of performance, the last three units can be worthy of your consideration. More often than not, it all depends on how you specifically intend to use your drumming amplifier. Basically, most people want an electric drum amplifier they can use for their drumming practice, and studio performance. Professional drummers, on the other hand, want an electronic drumming amp that they can use on stage without looking like amateurs in the game.

If all factors are to be considered, the above electronic drumming amplifiers are great, fairly priced, and worth the investment. And assuming you’d like a few more suggestions, the Roland drum monitor speakers, the Nitro amps, and Simmons drum amps are some of the alternative options you may want to look at. Roland, specifically, is a big name when it comes to the Musical instruments industry. In addition to claiming the positions in the top electronic drum set reviews, they also provide quality amplifiers for drumming, specifically the Roland drum amp. As for Simmons the brand, the Simmons da50 can also be worth investing in.