An Honest and Comprehensive Drumeo Review

Whether you’re into drumming as a career or you’re into it as a fun activity, one thing is for sure. You have to go through some learning and practice phase before you master the skill. The faster you master the skill, the more enjoyable drumming gets. It’s also undeniable that learning produces results faster the learner has an instructor and support system.

Well, when it comes to drumming, unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to look for an expert coach, let alone adequate time to fix lessons or, practice schedule into. Sometimes you get from work so exhausted you can only afford to relieve yourself in front of the computer. This is where Drumeo comes in.

Thanks to Drumeo, you can develop and advance your drumming skill online, from beginner to pro right from the comfort of your home. You know what, even those free minutes or hours you get when it’s not so much of a busy day at work can be harnessed to boost up your expertise in drumming.



Drum Lessons Range


Tutor Quality


  • A wide variety of lessons and courses
  • Lessons from music icons


  • Requires monthly payment
  • Requires computer and internet access



But the BIG question is; is Drumeo really worth your time and investment? What is this online drum platform all about and how does it work? This drumeo edge review seeks to provide answers to these and more questions about the drumming course platform and help you decide if it’s worth your consideration.

What Is Drumeo?

Drumeo, also known as Drumeo Edge, is an online drum platform that offers a variety of drum courses, live practice lessons, support, free resources, and much more to drumming enthusiasts, beginners, and even professionals. The platform has some of the best drumming experts and teachers international for coaches. At a defined monthly fee, you get access to a great deal of support in the art. Talk about instructional videos, step by step courses, and live video lessons from some of the World’s most renowned drumming coaches without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Tony Royster Junior – One of my favourite drummers in the world check out his free lesson above!

Who Is It For?

As earlier hinted, Drumeo is a great platform for people who want to advance their skills in drumming without the need to look for in-person lessons. If time or access to a personal training drum coach is limited, Drumeo is for you. It was created for total beginners, intermediates, and experts. It’s also a great place to polish up when you’ve been out of the game for a while and you’re getting back to drumming. As long as you have computer access and a working internet connection, you’re good to go for Drumeo.

Top Features

Access to prerecorded lessons

Access to live interactive lessons

Step-by-step courses

Prerecorded Mp3s

Sing-along songs library

24/7 support

Money Back Guarantee (90 days)

Access to tens of expert coaches

On-demand lessons

How Does Drumeo Work?

By now you already know that Drumeo is an online program rather than a physical product.  It’s an online platform or website that you have to sign up for Drumeo Edge membership to get your courses and support along with other helpful content. Upon signing up, Drumeo gives you a 7-day trial period after which you start paying a monthly fee for unlimited access to content and services. Videos are among the primary tools used in delivering their courses, both live and prerecorded. Not only do you learn and practice, you can actually track your progress as you continue.

According to most Drumeo reviews from customers, this progress tracking feature has actually proven to be quite advantageous when it comes to results. You can also listen and play to sing-along songs, including downloadable prerecorded lessons in MP3 and HD Video. Thanks to their interactive live lessons, you get an even better learning experience since you can correspond with your instructor. To get the most out of this online drumming site, it’s advisable to ensure you utilize most if not all of their features whenever you can. It becomes more fun this way.

Drumeo Courses and Lessons

Currently, Drumeo provides more than 100 courses along with 1500-plus on-demand lessons in video format. These are all well organized and compiled for ease of use. Basically, each video covers a particular topic, well explained. You just need to follow the video guide and put what you gain from there into practice, then move to the next level. You can re-watch videos or revisit your progress anytime you like.

There are also videos to teach you a wide range of drumming styles that you can use to wow a crowd at a live event or just rock yourself crazy as you practice. The platform offers a huge variety of well-demonstrated topics that you can use. Especially if you’re an evolving drummer, you have a lot to experiment on in case you’re trying to find your niche. There are topics for all skill levels, from beginner to professional.

You can filter lessons out based on your proficiency level or pick using other criteria. This makes it convenient for you whenever you feel confused on picking what to learn. There are also free daily lessons that are customized to meet your specific needs. The professionally-filmed video lessons can range between 5 and 90 minutes. According to most Drumeo reviews from users, these videos seem to cover basically anything you’d want to learn as a drummer. But it’s kind of ironic that fresh video lessons still keep coming in; don’t you think?




A good number of this post’s readers will probably come directly to this section to find Drumeo pricing information. I’d be kinda guilty too. Well, for the first 7 days post signup, the program is completely free (free trial). However, your credit card will start being charged a monthly membership fee from day 8. For a program of its quality and uniqueness, most of you would agree that the charges are justifiable.

Currently, there’s a membership offers that gives you annual unlimited access for only $197. You can also go for the $29/month membership plan especially if you’re still not sure you’re in for the long-term. Considering the amount an average drum teacher would charge you for a face to face 45-minute session or two, the monthly membership plan is way much cheaper. They also accept a number of different payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX credit cards as well as PayPal. Better yet, in addition to the 7-day Drumeo free trial, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee to enjoy before you go all in.

Drumeo Additionals

On their website, also offers a wide variety of other helpful content, products, and resources. For instance, they have a drum shop where you can purchase Drumeo merchandise like mugs, hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, towels, bags, and many others.

You’ll also find tools like practice pads, drumsticks, drumming systems, earplugs, and more. If you wish to take your drumming even further, on-sale drumming lesson packages are also available. The site also offers a variety of other free resources for the drummer, including podcasts, blogs, rudiment lessons, and monthly giveaways.

The Drumming Teachers

Okay, it’s one thing to be taught by your local drum coach across the street, and another to receive instruction from some of the most popular international drum coaches. Well, Drumeo Lessons allow you to learn from more than a 100 award-winning teachers that range from the not-so-famous to icons in the world’s music industry. Talk of Thomas Lang drumeo kind of drumming celebs and famous music icons like Jay-Z, Kenny Aronoff, Peter Erskine, Stanton Moore, Jim Riley, and many others. Oh yes, and John Blackwell too. Yes! This is apparently what you get by joining the Drumeo Edge membership program.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Can I interact live with these instructors?” Well, there’s only one way to find out, which is precisely what we’re trying to do in this Drumeo review: – finding out if Drumeo is worth your time and investment! What you probably agree by now is that it’s almost impossible to get some of these drum and music gurus down on a private session. This, gives a good feeling about Drumeo, how it puts great talent behind their drum courses and lessons.


  • Hundreds of video lessons that cover all drumming styles
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Less expensive than most of the private drum lesson
  • Expert drum instructors to learn from
  • Amazing support (on forum, email, phone and chat)
  • Mobile, letting you learn on every device from mobile to laptop and tablet
  • Live lessons with live daily chat
  • A 90 day money back guarantee
  • Free bonuses – drumsticks and earplugs if you decide to go for the yearly subscription of Drumeo Edge

  • Monthly subscription (however this can be easily solved with yearly subscription which is cheaper and comes with some bonuses)
  • The lessons are about an hour long
  • You need an Internet connection to watch them

Bottom-Line: Is Drumeo Worth It?

Literally, ‘everything’ requires internet access (It’s the 21 Century, NPI) after all. Plus you’ll rarely find something free online without a bunch of limitations and downfalls. In other words, despite the two minor downfalls above, there are more than just a few of reasons the Drumeo Edge is most likely worth your time and investment. You get to develop your drum playing skill without putting a lot in terms of time and money. It’s convenient, easy to use, and is the source of some of the best online drumming lessons you can find. It looks like something worth giving a shot don’t you think so?