Double Bass Pedal Reviews

For any lover, player, or enthusiast of electronic drum sets, a double bass pedal is a highly resourceful element. This is especially the case if you belong to a band and you play electronic or metal music. It just doesn’t seem to rock as much until you add that aggressive touch of a double bass pedal. Well, you may have the standard kick pedal that came with your electronic drum kit and think that you’re good to go. Wait until the time you need to play really fast and still rock your audience. With a DBP-fitted drum set, it also becomes easier to stay on point and in key with the rest of the percussions in your band, say the guitar strings.

But sometimes all you need is an additional footplate linking to the main one, which some of today’s drum kits provide. However, at times you have to approach the market for this piece of resourceful unity. But which one is the best for you? Given the numerous options available on the market, it can get confusing, let alone being a daunting task to choose. Price, durability, sound performance, responsiveness, and ease of use are some of the important factors to consider when choosing a double bass pedal. Nonetheless, this article’s purpose is to make your task easier. Here are some of the best double bass pedals reviewed you may want to look at.

1. Tama Speed HP310 Cobra

From the name, you can almost tell what this baby is made specifically for. The keyword here is speed, and that it provides. The Tama speed cobra pedal from Tama is one of the best models to choose if you’re fond of playing faster tempos, thanks to its rebound acceleration capability.

Made For Speed:
This baby can give a BPM of 250+; how’s that? What’s even more interesting is that it is available at a fraction of the price close performing options would cost. This budget DBP allows you to save those extra bucks for drumming lessons and drumming accessories such as cymbals and drumsticks.

Awesome Design:
It has a board that is longer than standard units’ making it a bit similar to the pearl demonator DB pedal. If you’re a heel-toe kind of drummer, higher chances are that you’ll find this beautiful piece of art amazing. You don’t need to apply too much force to produce a nice powerful kick sound on the cobra. Supporting this is the fact that it comes with a lighter sprocket compared to the standard versions, allowing more endurance while applying less power.

Primary Features:
Even though other models may mimic this double bass pedal, the Tama Speed HP310 is designed to allow you to make adjustments to customize you drumming. You can adjust the beating angle, change tension speed, or alter the beater from felt to plastic.


  • Lighter sprocket for great speed performance
  • Recessed footboard enhances speed
  • Longboard provides faster heel-toe double bass
  • More responsive, thanks to the double-chain design

  • You can’t change the Cam

If you’re looking for impressive speed performance, this pedal can be an amazing choice. and in case you need something even faster, you may want to consider adding some dollars on your budget and invest in the bigger brother, the Speed Cobra 910.

2. Pearl Demon (Demonator) Eliminator Drive

Without lying to you to please you, choosing the double bass pedal of your dreams is not a walk in the park, not unless you know what to look for. Okay, we already covered these and tackled speed in the above unit’s review. Next on, comes the Pearl Demon Eliminator, otherwise known as the pearl demonator double bass pedal.

Design and Build:
The pearl double bass pedal demonator is designed to appeal both the drummer and the audience, which tends to be a huge motivational factor for the former. Any experienced drummer would tell you that Pearl is a giant brand when it comes to not only foot pedals, but also drum sets and other musical instruments. For bass pedals, they provide a wide variety of models to choose from, one of the best ones being the PDP double bass pedal. This model is mostly praised for its great value while is performance is quite attractive for both the player and the listener.

For one, it provides you with immensely increased flexibility range. You can literally adjust any component of this double bass pedal, including footplate height, beater positions, and so on and so forth. It is also made from a tough high-quality material that not only performs great but lasts to justify the investment.

Primary Features:
The unit comes with a felt and plastic turntable beater as well as a click lock at the bottom. This means less work and increased convenience for you as you want to have to turn screws and such. all you need to do is switch the lock open and close it after spinning the dial. You also have to cams to choose from, these being the offset and liner cams.

This unit features a single chain, which doesn’t affect its highly impressive responsive performance. You won’t have to worry about any lag when playing this drum pedal. In addition to its smooth action, it also doesn’t demand too much of force from you when playing. It is a convenient piece of art that most drumming professionals consider a worthwhile investment.

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  • Visually Appealing
  • Great for speed players
  • Easy to operate, no screw stress
  • Easily adjustable and flexible


  • Better DBPs for speed exist

Some people consider it the best Bass double pedal for the money, which is more or less true, I’d say, even though it has other higher-performance versions such as the pearl p932.

3. Mapex Armory P800

If you’re looking for a double bass pedal that will give you plenty of responsiveness during your drumming sessions, whether you’re a trainee or professional drummer, This Armory Mapex double bass pedal P800 can be an amazing choice. This unit surpasses most of the best performers of its price range for a couple of reasons.

First, it provides a dual chain drive action, meaning that it is more responsive and more durable. Secondly, it has proven to be a highly reliable option for speed drummers, thanks to its stability as well as its impressive adjustability.

Designed For Speed:
This unit comes with plenty of amazing features, including the extended footboard, a reversible Falcon-style beater, and spring system that don’t rely on any kind of torque to perform really well. The beater also allows interchangeable weight, which further enhances its speed and responsiveness performance.

Durability and Convenience:
The Mapex Armory is also one of those bass pedals that rock best when it comes to durability. The adjustable springs can be seen on both sides of the master pedal, which is where you conveniently make your adjustments to suit your drumming speed and tempo. Considering that it weighs only about 15 pounds, makes it one of the lightest options the market has in store for you. This makes it easy to transport, adding a great deal of convenience in your drumming life, especially as a professional drummer and performer.


  • Durable drum pedal
  • Great with speed
  • High responsiveness
  • Fair pricing
  • Appealing design
  • Easy to transport
  • Impressively adjustable and flexible

  • Not so budget-friendly

This can be an amazing unit for drum players who appreciate faster tempos, as well as those after something that will stick around for more than just a few months or years. Its immense adjustability means that you can easily sync your drum beats with the rest of the band’s instruments. But if you’re looking for the best bass for the money, the Mapex 500, its earlier version can be a great alternative for you.

4. Yamaha DFP 9500

Some people consider the Yamaha 9500 to be the absolute best direct drive bass drum pedal on the market. Even though there are a few other options today that have it, the Yamaha 9500’s direct drive feature is no doubt an up selling feature of this DB pedal.

Design and Build:
Replacing the flexible chain that is seen in most units, this pedal comes with a solid metal piece that connects the footboard and the beater. This makes it a higher performance unit, especially when it comes to beating power resistance. Regardless of the amount of energy you put in when heating this pedal, the metallic connection will hardly fall off or loosen, if at all it can. It also produces a rebound that is more evident to your eye compared to double chain pedals. When it comes to speed, this baby is also a big winner, allowing you to play tempos of even 250 BPM and over. It is considered even more helpful for heel-up players.

Primary Features:
In brief, its primary features include the direct drive mechanism, footboard, beater angle adjustment, the two-way beater and a carry case. Needless to mention, it comes with a 5-yr warranty from the manufacturer. Just like you may have already guessed, it has an adjustable spring tension and beater height. This allows you to play either the felt or the plastic surface, thanks to this beater adjustability.

Despite being a winner in a couple of ways, the Yamaha 95400 also happens to be the most expensive option in this double bass pedals review. This is considering the fact that without the case, you’ll need approximately $369 to get this baby out of the shelves. The price difference is mostly due to its great performance and quality, as well as the fact that Yamaha is a highly established brand not only for musical instruments but also other mechanical equipment internationally. However, used models also exist at a cheaper price depending on where and when you source them online.


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  • From a reputable brand
  • The most affordable direct-drive pedal
  • Allows basic configuration

  • Pricier than most alternatives
  • Unchangeable Cam

5. Gear4Music Double Kick Pedal

gear 4 music double pedal

And last but not the least; let’s not lie to each other, sometimes you just can’t afford any of the above-mentioned double kick pads. At times, it’s simply a matter of budgeting and savings as many bucks as you can during your purchase. When you’ve just begun your drumming for instance, or you just considered becoming part of the art, higher chances are that you may not be 100% certain that drumming is your thing. In such a case, you may want to invest in something not too expensive for starters. And in case that’s what you’ve been looking for, the Gear4Music DBS can be an amazing choice.

Features and Design:
This unit comes with a wide array of features that are quite impressive. The double chain drive unit comes with 4-sided beaters, which are detachable and give it an enhanced adjustability a mammoth deal. This 4-sided design is made to offer you with 4 different of attack on each pedal. It also features robust footplates that are easy to use, even when playing at low to medium speeds. To make it even more interesting, this unit can also be used as a single bass pedal. It’s all about the connections.

The drum pedal comes with a footplate and a pair of Hickory Drumsticks, along with a package bag to enhance maneuverability.

It’s more than fair pricing is among the most common reasons people purchase it. After all, everyone wants to save a buck or two. As a matter of fact, I personally consider it the best option to go for when you’re on a limited budget. Having been produced by a UK company, though, this double bass drum set pedal is mostly available in the United Kingdom.


  • Quite affordable
  • Comes with extra drumsticks
  • Footplate included
  • Adjustable

  • Some quality issues
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Not the best for playing high tempos

A considerable drum pedal to look for when the budget is your main concern.

Final Verdict

Indeed, it’s also advisable to look at individual testimonials and double bass pedal reviews from previous customers before buying your electronic kick drum pedal. All the above 5 can be worthwhile investments whether you’re a beginner or professional drummer. At the end of it all, the best electronic kick drum pedal for you will mostly depend on your playing patterns, preferences, tempos, and proficiency levels, as well as your budget.