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Best Gifts for Drummers

Drumming is fun, drumming is interesting. Drumming is admirable. And whether you’re a drummer or you’re not one yourself, it is proper etiquette to appreciate somebody who cheers multitudes up, perhaps with yourself included. But getting the drum entertainer a gift they’ll appreciate and feel proud about can be a steep mountain to climb. However, this may not be the case if you get some useful gift ideas for drummers. Below are some of the best the best gifts for drummers on their special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other events/special days such as valentines.

1.Bass Drum Hoop Protector

Most drummers don’t think about these handy drum hoop protectors. They are placed between the hoop and the pedal. They also help to provide grip surface to the pedal so that the pedal doesn’t slide around. Common options include metal and wooden bass drum hoop protectors.




2. Moongel Damper Pads

Damper pads sit on the cymbal or drum to mask off the ringing. Even though most people will use tape on the drumheads moongel pads tend to work better. They are popular and are among the best creative gifts for drummers you can get your guy or lady for a gift on their special day. Their main role is to act as mufflers even though they alter the sound to some degree change the sound.

3. Drummer Cufflinks

There’s no better way to surprise your drummer friend than getting him a set of drummer cufflinks. They work best for that professional drummer who likes adding some personality to his. One can wear them casual or official. The fact that they are covered with glass makes them look sleek and classy. It can be a perfect birthday gift for boyfriend who has everything or close pal.

4. The Cruztools Multi-Tool

This is the ideal tool for adjusting the pedals and tightening the drum heads. This tool has 12 tools in one. This means that your boyfriend will not have to carry a toolbox around in all his gigs. This is a great drummer gift for a boyfriend or even a girlfriend who is into drumming.




Hola! Tablet and Phone Holder5. Hola! Tablet and Phone Holder

With this holder, live performance becomes simplified to another level. Not only is it an ideal must have for a drummer, it’s one of the most amazing gifts for a musician boyfriend who happens to be tech-conscious. It allows them to have a hands-free device setup in front of them while playing the drum.




6. Super Drummers Towel

Drumming can be a bit of a task. The Super Drummers Towel can be one of the best gifts ideas for drummers. It comes in handy for wiping off the byproducts of activity from the drums, drumsticks and themselves. The towel is soft and highly absorbent.


  1. Eat. Sleep. Drum Water Bottle

A water bottle is among the best gifts for drummers and percussionists. It can help keep the drummer hydrated during their practice and live performance sessions. It can be an amazing way to show concern for that guy whose life revolves around drumming. The water bottle has a nice hook on top that goes well into the belt loops.

  1. Birthday Drum GIFs and Animations

These are some of the most unique gifts for drummers. These include simply something to go on his phone or tablet. This means that every time he’s adjusting his drums or playing, he’ll think of you. There is a wide range of assorted GIFs and animated gifts. Personalized and custom GIFs are also available.

  1. Snareweight

Among the best gifts for drummers, snareweights help to have a consistent control over the sound coming from the snare drum. They clip to the top of the drum hoop without glue. This means that when you remove them, there won’t be any mess on the drumheads.

  1. Soft Cymbal Bag

This is handy when it comes to moving around with the drum kit. It’s a great gift for a drummer who travels a lot for shows or even when recording in a studio. The bag should have inbuilt dividers to ensure the cymbals don’t rub against each other, which tends to cause damage.

  1. Drumlite – Drum Kit Lights

These can be a cool gift for drummers who want their instruments to look amazing on stage. With this kit, you don’t have to worry about drilling or even soldering. The lights can also be hooked to a professional DMX stage lighting controller for additional light effects.

  1. Westone Um Pro30 Isolating In-Ear Monitors

IEMs are great instruments for any drummer. Some of the best options provide top quality sound and isolation. The IEM allows you to hear everything while on stage. It’s ideal when performing on stage, recording or practicing. Apart from this, it will shield your ears from the loud outside noise of other instruments.

  1. Drum Seat Cover

This will greatly add some style to the person’s drum set. You can choose from a very wide range of colors and patterns. It’s also great to add some cushion on the seat if it’s worn out. This will be a great way to show concern to your pal or loved one.

  1. Drumstick Mixing Spoons

Let the drumming extend to the kitchen table by getting this cute drumstick mixing spoons. They can also act as substitutes for the drumsticks. Who said drumming will only be on stage, or in the studio?  They cost less but they’ll prove that you care.

  1. Drumstick Pencils

Especially for that young drummer who’s still in school, these can be an amazing drummer birthday gift. The other end of the tip looks like the rear end of a drumstick. Furthermore, a real drummer drums almost all the time, turning everything into a drum set.

  1. Drum Necklace

This is the ideal gift for a musician boyfriend or even girlfriend. It features a full drum kit charm. You can customize the pendant by adding a colored gem or a letter representing the recipient’s either name. It’s one of the coolest gifts anyone can get a drumming loved one.

  1. Tascam DR-40 Recording Device

This will be the ideal gift for that someone who always wants to know how they sound when they play. You’ll want them to have a recorder that taps and replays quality sound. Most recorders have a poor sound recording capability, this is the best there is.

  1. Drumstick Holder

Drumsticks fall very often mostly depending on where they are placed. This is the reason they break more often. Getting a drumstick holder as a gift to your loved one will save them the hustle and the costs of having to replace their drumsticks every so often.

  1. Zildjian Cymbal Clock

These are clocks made from real Zildjian cymbals and are powered by alkaline batteries. They are the unique gift for that unique person, for instance, your music teacher or the coach for them to hang in the class, studio, bedroom, or office. The best part, they are affordable.

  1. The Black Widow Anchoring Drum Mat

This will be the ideal gift for a boyfriend who travels a lot for his gigs. In most cases, the venues will have no carpet for him to set up his kit. This will always be a great way to protect him from mid-song embarrassment.

  1. An Artistic Drum Kit T-Shirt

It goes without saying that drummers are about as sexy as they can ever get. Nothing makes them even sexier than a drum set-printed T-shirt or one that is printed with drum art. For this one though, you’ll want to go above and beyond to know their fitting size.

  1. Weapons of Mass Percussion Men’s T-Shirt

Chosen right, T-shirts can make a thoughtful gift that the recipient will appreciate. And one clever way to go about it is to get him a nice WMP men’s T-shirt. It’s one of the best gifts for percussionists. It features a nice drawing of drumsticks accompanied by the statement Weapons of mass percussion.

  1. Zildjian Survival Kit for Drummers

And there’s no better way to surprise a drummer than with a kit containing everything they need in their gigs. This is especially the case if they play live concerts. The Zildjian Drummers Survival Kit is one such gift that he’ll for sure live to remember you with.

  1. Drummer Degree

Okay, this one may depend on how well you know the person, but the best gifts for drummers don’t always have to be that serious. How about having a drummer’s degree certificate printed out at your nearest printing shop? It can be way more than amazing; right?

  1. Drumstick Chopsticks

Don’t make the mistake to think that chopsticks are cool drummer gifts because they tend to rhyme with drumsticks. And even if you do, chopsticks made to mimic the design of drumsticks can really entertain your gift recipient. And don’t you worry; he or she won’t dare dispose them.

  1. Tambourine

No one said that drummers are stuck in drumming alone. As a matter of fact, some of the best in the art tend to spend their time playing other musical instruments as well. Tambourines can make a great gift or party favor for the drummer recipient, whether it’s a he or a she.

  1. Drum Socks

Just as lingerie makes great gift items, socks do as well. And if it’s intended for a drummer, why not surprise them with a pair of awesome drum socks and add some more fun to their wardrobes? It won’t be long till you see him or her in cool shorts on stage displaying these awesome socks as he or she drives the fans wild.

  1. How About a Cool Drummer Mug?

Since time immemorial, mugs have always made awesome gifts and party favors. And if it’s intended for a drumming enthusiast or professional, why not surprise them with a customized one? if you’re creative enough, he’ll probably have you in his thoughts every time he takes a sip out of the pleasant mug.

  1. Rock-N-Roll Drum Mat

And if you’re looking to buy something a bit valuable and functional for the birthday boy, a rock n roll drum mat could do the trick. With up to 8 realistic drum sounds, MP3 input port, and headphone jack, any drummer would enjoy this thoughtful gift regardless of their proficiency level.

  1. Drumeo Instructors

The best motivation there ever is when learning, is actually being taught by those we value most. In this case, all matters drumming, the likes of J-Z’s drummer or Toto. How about choosing between a dozen of the big shots! Especially if he’s a beginner in drumming, why not surprise him with a subscription in Drumeo?

  1. Drum Kit Dust Cover

A drum kit cover can also be a thoughtful gift for any drummer. It keeps the dust off, thus maintaining the drum set’s quality and preventability. Dust accumulation can affect how the drum sounds during a live show, not forgetting it can be really stubborn during setup and sound check.

  1. Little Drummer Boy Pillow

This is the best decorative gift you can get your young drummer. It will fill their room with a cool holiday punch kind of feeling. It acts as a cushy accessory for them to lie on after hours of practice. A great reward for hard work

  1. Smart Drumsticks for the Tab

It is highly likely that your drummer friend or gift recipient owns a tablet. And if indeed they do, they’ll find the Street Beat Drumsticks highly thoughtful as a gift. These will allow your drum nerd to play one their android tablets and iPad without worrying about damaging the device. They work with multiple percussion apps.

  1. Practice Pad

Practice makes perfect, right? Especially for the beginner to the mid-level drummer, a practice pad can be an amazing gift. It enables the drummer to keep practice their art as hard as they can irrespective of the distance and without having to worry about the noise. It’s also portable, meaning the drummer has the freedom to practice his art no matter where they are.

  1. New Drum Heads

New drum heads can be a perfect gift for the drummer who’s after big sound. The wrong heads only make the drumming sound noisy. The Evans clear bass drum heads can be a great option. Nonetheless, there are dozens of drum head reviews online that can help you choose the right drumhead brand and model for your birthday drums guy.  

  1. SoundOff Drum Mute

Sometimes the drummer enjoys playing hard without causing much noise and disturbance to the people nearby. Even the quietest drum sets may not suffice when its pin-drop quiet outside and inside. This is why a SoundOff Drum Mute is among the coolest cool gifts for drummers.

  1. Drum Ornaments

And sometimes you don’t have to spend too much to impress your gift recipient. With just an old tube of tissue paper, some construction paper, and your creativity, you can create amazing ornaments that the gift recipient will highly appreciate.

  1. A Nice Snare Drum

Depending on the particular brand and model, some drum sets can sound really lame. Others can sound average. Getting a snare drum for your drumming party holder can be an amazing way to let them feel appreciated. The big fat snare drum is an example of a nice unit you can go for.

  1. ChromaCast Snare Drum Bag  

This one can also be a unique gift for a drummer. The ChromaCast Snare Drum Bag is a superior quality product that can be perfect for the “on-the-move” kind of drummer. It’s also highly advantageous in that you don’t have to break the bank to acquire one.

  1. Zildjian Drummer Gift Pack

And in case you’re stuck in the crossroads and you don’t know what to choose for your drummer gift, the Zildjian Drummer Gift Pack can come to your rescue. Basically, the pack consists of a practice pad, quality drumsticks, and a presentable Zildjian pint glass.

With the above suggestions, anyone would be more than convinced that they’ll get that perfect gift or favor for their drummer boyfriend, girlfriend, or close friend who is so deep into drumming or is just starting off.