Which One’s The Best Drum Set for Kids in 2022?

Sometimes you look at your kid and see their passion for certain things, especially arts like music, acting, etc. Sometimes you’re just unsure whether it’s there or not. Well, there’s completely nothing wrong with letting them sing to musical instruments or even learn how to play. Truth is, drumming can be an amazing way for your kid to pass their free time when off school. Plus you never know, the talent could already be there, waiting to be stimulated for it to unleash.

But you will not always have access to music schools or music equipment nearby. And if you will, having some of these instruments at home can enable your kid to learn and develop their drumming skill much faster and better. Lucky enough, there are plenty of stores and online retailers that sell kids drum sets and other music equipment. But what should you look for when buying a drum set for kids?  What are some of the best options out there?

Before we get to the real deal, let’s begin with important features or things to consider when choosing a drum set kit for your kid.

1. Kid’s Size/Height:

The highest and the lowest points in a drum set are the cymbals and the drum bass pedals. Unfortunately, these are also the most important parts of the equipment. You will want to pick a drum set that allows your kid to comfortably reach these parts, which is more or less determined by his/her height.

2. Kid’s Age:

Kids, think, act, and perceive thing differently. Age has an impact on these. The best drum set for 10 year old kids will probably not work for your teenage kid. Some units come with additional features like decorations, bright colors, lights, and much more to impress the kid and create a warm learning environment in their minds. How the drum set you buy looks and sounds will have an impact on whether your kid will like spending time playing the drum, based on their age.

3. Budget

Really, this point rarely needs further explanation. However, a good drum set doesn’t have to be overly expensive. What you need is to compare and contrast the various options available and you will surely get one that you can afford. Luckily, some of the units below are affordable; you don’t have to break the bank.

4. Accessories and Drum Set Pieces

How many pieces should a children’s drumkit have? What should the drumsticks be made of? Does it come with a stand or the cymbals and snare? Other features like the hi-hat stand, built-in speaker, practice stool, and such are also worth considering when buying a drumming unit for your kid.

Now, back to the top 8 options shall we?

Top 8 Kids’ Drum Sets In 2018

1. WolVol Electric Big Toy Drum Set for Kids Review


Remember when we talked about age and how it’s important when buying your kid a drum set? Well, if your kid is a toddler or between the age of 1.5 and 5, the WolVol is one of the best options to go for. It’s a drum set designed more for having fun with than learning how to play.

Despite being a toy, this drum set actually comes with an inbuilt speaker system and a library with songs, melodies, and dance music to fascinate your child. The set has a durable, sturdy design and comes along with a quality stool. It features fancy colors and lights that encourage a great drum playing experience for your kid. The kit comes with two drumsticks and is powered by 3 AA batteries.

The WolVol Electric is actually a toy drum meant for encouraging your kid to develop an interest for drumming. If you’re looking for the best toddler drum set for your kid, this kit can be the perfect choice for you.


  • Perfect for toddlers and small kids
  • Plays sound without accompaniments
  • Inexpensive

  • Not ideal for older kids
  • It’s a toy drum kit
  • Won’t provide real drumming experience

2. Westminster Desktop Drum Set


Ideal for kids above age 8, this little drum set is meant for fun as it prepares your kid for drumming when they get older. Just like its name suggests, the Westminster is a drum set designed to be played from the top of the desk. It not only looks cool, it sounds cool for your kid too.

It comes with a total of 3 toms, one 6-inch, and the other two 4.5 inches. Also, it includes one metal cymbal and two plastic drumsticks that your kid can easily handle. The set also features a quality plastic stand for your kid’s kit. It is not only created for assembly, the Westminster desktop drum set also produces a great sound too. It is one of the least expensive drum sets for kids on the market.

This drum set can be an incredible choice for testing the waters before buying your kid a more professional unit.


  • Unique desktop accessory
  • Inexpensive
  • Features similar to a real drum set
  • Easy assembly
  • Sounds great

  • May be unsuitable for smaller kids
  • It’s a toy drum kit

3. Stagg Three Piece Junior Drum Kit


If your wannabe drummer kid is somewhere between age 3 and 10, this drum set can also be an amazing choice to harness his/her skill with. The 3-piece drum set from Stagg is a low-cost choice in comparison to many of its competitors in the market. While it’s not the most professional kids drum set, it can be worthwhile for starters, allowing the kid to decide whether or not they’re in drumming to stay.

Not only is it designed to provide your kid with an enjoyable practice, it gives out great sound as well. It is a compact unit whose 16-inch bass drum, 12-inch snare, and 8-inch tom to allow you to save maximum space.

The Stagg Three Piece drum kit for juniors comes with two drumsticks and a drum pedal, which is basically like all the hardware your aspiring drummer needs at that age. As if that is all; this 3-piece kit also includes a 10-inch crash and a comfortable drum stool for a fraction of the price most similar options cost.

The 5-piece Stagg drum kit is this unit’s upgraded version if you need something more for your kid.


  • Affordable
  • Simplistic design
  • Great sound

  • Features limited pieces

4. The Stagg Five Piece Junior Drum Kit


As hinted out earlier, this is the upgraded 3-piece junior drumming unit from Stagg. In comparison to the former, the Stagg five-piece junior drum kit is bigger and higher. It’s the precise unit for your growing kid, since they “grow up so fast,” or do they?

The 5-piece Stagg junior drum kit is literally the first complete drumming kit for kids we’ve covered so far. Constructed from 5-ply basswood and other quality materials, this kit is designed to last. The kick drum is 20 inches, which makes it standard. It also has an additional 14-inch snare and 14-inch tom. It is also designed with an adventurous practicing drummer in mind, the reason it won’t make so much loud noise when playing.

And you know what; the standard complete drum set is 5-piece, so yes, it can make an ideal unit for your teenage kid and see them transform into adults while the unit still stands as good as new.


  • Complete junior drumming kit
  • Value for money
  • Great quality

  • Lacks some advanced features

5. Ludwig Pocket Kit


If there is a list of some of the most disappointing childs drumsets, the Ludwig pocket kit is nowhere in it. Not only is it inexpensive for its quality, the Ludwig pocket kit is one of the best drumming units out there. This 4-piece drum set comes from a reputable brand and comes with a whole bunch of quality pieces. These include a 16 by 14-inch bass drum, 10 by 7-inch tom, 13 by 11-inch floor tom, a 12 by 5-inch snare, and 2 cymbals.

The hardware also includes a bass pedal, a hi-hat stand, a throne, and a pair of drumsticks. It’s constructed from high-quality hardwood, making it one of the top long-lasting units available on the market.

Considering it’s designed for 4 to 10-year olds but can be used by adults, it’s almost the perfect affordable kit to buy for your growing kid. Your growing kid will most probably enjoy learning from this drum set, practicing, and mastering the art as they transform to adulthood. Suitable not only for practice but also people who’d like to see their kids’ passion and career in music grow.


  • Complete drum set
  • Works for kids as well as adults
  • Set up guide available
  • Quite affordable

  • Heads tend to be too hard to sound great
  • Some complaints about cymbals quality

6. Gammon Percussion Junior Kit


Now, to the second 5-piece junior drum set on the list. The Gammon Percussion junior kit is something you and your kid will definitely appreciate. It’s among the top three best on the list, considering it’s decorated brand reputation and the kit’s quality.

It is aesthetically appealing, thanks to the high gloss metallic finish it comes with. Of the 5 pieces, there is a 16-inch X 12-inch bass drum, a snare drum, 2 tom drums and a snare stand. The package also includes a hi-hat stand, a snare stand, along with a pair of drumsticks, bass drum pedal, and drum key.

Another thing to adore about the Gammon Percussion is that it’s quite easy to assemble.

The Gammon Percussion 5-piece may not be the best beginner drum set in town but it is undoubtedly in the top 3 list. If you know a bit about drumming equipment, you will need no more convincing that your kid is gonna love this kit.


  • Quality 5-piece drum set
  • Decent sound
  • Several color options available
  • Fairly priced

  • Not ideal for shorter kids under 5ft
  • Slight issue with cymbals’ quality

7. Ludwig Junior 5-Piece Drum Set


If what you’re looking for is nothing less than a drum set that sounds great for your kid, the Ludwig junior 5-piece drum set should be in the top of your list. It might not sound better than the drum set discussed above or below it, but it sure as hell is worth some consideration.

The difference is in the cymbals, in which case the Ludwig Junior kit’s cymbals produce a slightly better sound compared to Mendini and Gammon ones discussed here. It also comes with hardware that is slightly better in terms of sturdiness and durability. The catch is that this unit is also slightly more expensive compared to the two.

Despite the fact that this unit is a bit overpriced, it’s quality and sound are still great, we can say they justify the difference.


  • From a highly reputed brand
  • Durable
  • Comes with everything your kid needs
  • Decent sound for aspiring drum professionals

  • Cymbal low quality
  • Not ideal for kids above 5ft
  • Expensive

8. Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Junior Drum Set


If you’re looking for the most affordable quality drum set for your kid, the Mendini Junior might just cut it. The bass drum and the tom-toms are fairly large, and so are the floor tom and snare drum. If your kid is somewhere between 2.5 and 5 feet tall, this can be the perfect unit to get them.

Another thing that separates this junior drum set from most other units its 8-inch hi-hat that comes with a stand and chain-driven cymbal. It also includes a bass drum-mounted stand and a 10-inch crash cymbal. The throne is well padded for comfort and can be adjustable to suit your kid’s height or drumming preference. It comes with 2 wood drumsticks and a setup guide, making it quite easy to assemble.

The Mendini Junior sounds great for its price and its hardware is made to last through your kid’s childhood. More interestingly, it is available in 6 different color options to choose from. These are Blue, Black, Red, Green, Purple, and Silver. Quite impressive don’t you think?


  • Cheap, high-quality drum set
  • Includes everything your kid needs for drumming lessons and practice
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Sounds great

  • Low-quality cymbals
  • Only for kids up to 5 feet


The Mendini, Ludwig Junior, and Gammon Percussion come out as winners in this top 8 best drum set for kids contest. These are especially awesome if you’d like your kid to continue playing up to the height of 5 feet or the age of about 10. As a matter of fact, some of them can be played by adults, so you’re still on the right track if you’re looking for one for your teenage kid.

One thing is for sure though; kids grow really fast, the main reason why they should have a happy, inspired childhood. Your aspiring drummer will not only have a happy childhood, they will also they might as well grow to become one of the best professionals in the art. Why not pick one of these best drum set for kids for him or her while you still can in 2022?