10 Awesome Easy Songs to Play on the Drums

Drumming is about the most amazing art in a music set up. Some like to call it an art in an art, even though its music in itself. More often than not, the drummer tends to controls the music tempo in a band. As a drummer, you are in charge of regulating how fast or slow the song will be. There’s some pride in that, isn’t there? However, you have to master your techniques and perfect your skill. You have to practice properly, which means using the right songs. So let’s get down to business, without further ado. Here are some easy songs to play on the drums you may want to consider playing to, during your practice sessions, especially as a beginner.

1.The White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army

This piece was originally done by Megan Martha White, a drummer and occasional singer in collaboration with Jack White. Together, they formed the Detroit Rock Duo. The drumming in this song is best suited to the beginner as is another one of the easiest among the easy drum songs around. The song has three main sections and the drumming progresses down to the third section. This allows for time to master your drumming.

2. Nirvana – Smells like Teen Spirit

This song by an American rock band, Nirvana, allows you to practice the most basic and technical aspects, all things drumming. This makes it one of the best beginner drum songs. The original drumming was done by Dave Grohl, one of the finest drummers of his time. With this song, you can learn how to hit the cymbals and the rim clicks in sync with other instruments.

3. Queen – We Will Rock You

This song had dominated the charts for the longest time. It’s from a British rock band, Queen. It is by far the easiest songs to practice on the drums. However, it’s important to note that the original beat was of a higher temple known as double time. When playing this beat, go steady for it to sound like three powerful beats. You will find no other easy drum songs if this one is not one of them.

4. Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Drums

This remains to be the signature song of the well known American rock band, Green Day. It was originally written by Billy Joe Armstrong and composed by the band. It’s a great song to practice the basics of how to lead the band through drumming

5. Good Charlotte – I Just Wanna Live

This song’s drum tabs have a five-star rating in most reviews. This shows you that most people actually practice their drumming with it. The original drumming to this was done by Dean Butterworth.

6. Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker

The drumming to this hit song was done by John Bonham. He is also considered the bible of rock drumming. This is from his sheer experience and talent in drumming. The hi-hat and kick are the main drumming signatures of the song and are the basics when practicing your drumming.

7. Guns N Roses – Paradise City

The song’s drumming was done by the iconic drummer Steven Adler. The song was one of the greatest songs produced by GNR. With this song, you’ll be able to focus your drum playing to the riffs.

8. Linkin Park – Numb

Rob Bourdon was the guy on the drums for this particular song. He’s considered to be among the best rock drummers. It’s a great song to learn and master the tricks of drumming. No matter how simple it may seem to be, it’s just a great way to start.

9. Vertigo – U2

Vertigo is another one among the very easy, good songs to drum to. The drumming to this song was done by Larry Mullen. This song was top 20 after the debut and maintained the position for some time. As you listen to Larry Mullen’s drumming, one thing comes to mind, he hits them hard.

10. Starlight – Muse

Dominic Howard is the drummer in this song; he portrays great talent on the drums and plays 121.1-tempo in this song. The main hook of the song is the simple snare drum pattern. It is among the best drum solo songs you can play along to.

And there you have it; you can now rock on those rock drum beats like a pro. The above are some of the best easy songs to learn on drums. And you know what; the secret to drumming is consistency in practicing. You may also want to try out other genres of music in your quest to perfect your drumming.