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Drums are great. Drums can be an amazing way to spend your free time and escape the cruelty of the ordinary day-to-day world. Hitting drums can be a hobby, and it can as well be a well-paying profession or party of your full-time or part-time musical career. But come to think of it, there’s more to it than just hitting ‘hideous’ drum surfaces.

And in all fairness, a good drum is not just any drum. Some drums sound really lame, poor and out of key. Some sound amazing. There are others that sound spectacular, thrilling, and enough to turn a crowd of fans upside-down. In addition to how good the player has mastered the art, this makes drum set type an important aspect that all drummers should consider, beginners, and pros alike.

If you’re just considering practicing the art or you’re only some sessions after takeoff, you will most likely agree that insights, how-tos, guides, and reviews can be helpful. The best way to begin your drumming is to look for and utilize insights from the professionals in the field. No doubt about it, it is also true that the best way to stay up-to-date is to keep looking for new, helpful information in your field of interest.

Thanks to beginyourdrumming.com, you don’t have to look for all of those things online elsewhere. You can get them all in one place and under one roof for free. You can get them from Begin Your Drumming.

At begin your drumming, our team is mostly composed of drumming professionals, drum enthusiasts, drum music fans, researchers, and even drumming-related computer nerds. Teamwork and individual contributions allow us to give you professional drumming related content that you can use to start, better and advance your skills in music. Begin your drumming gives you the following:


My name is Pete and I’m a keen drummer. I’ve been drumming for many years and hopefully, I’ll continue to drum for a long time. The aim of this site is to review cool drum stuff, talk about great drummers and anything drum related.

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Best Drum Set Reviews

Whether you’re looking for the best drum sets for adults or the best kits for kids, our reviews will guide you in making your best pick. Most, if not all our drum set reviews also provide video illustrations, images, and other helpful content to help you get a better view of every particular popular drumming product before buying it.

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In addition to specific drum kit reviews, Begin Your Drumming also provides you with periodic updates on guides to some of the most popular and important products in the drumming market. This may also include tricks and hacks on how to use certain drumming kits and their products. www.beginyourdrumming.com is a provider of all information Resourceful to you the drummer as far as your passion, career, or hobby is concerned.

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Want to know which wireless in-ear monitors or headphones are the best for drumming? Need to know which are the best drumming machines on the market? That’s all Begin Your Drumming’s other product reviews, guides, and info.

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The Best Place to Learn Drums…?

Yes, BYD is also the best place to get drum lessons. Not because we currently offer drum practice lessons as such, no we don’t. But we’ll give you tips, guidance, and mentorship that will help you advance more and better than most drumming teachers will help you achieve. In addition to the best beginner tips, Begin Your Drumming is home to reviews of some of the best drum lessons providers such as Drumeo.